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When I met Dick Marcinko back in 1994, we chatted about his book and I asked him about the CIA and what he said, could not be printed here.

They are incompetence extraordinaire and have been for a very long time. Just for example, the Marines in my shop and I were discussing the fall of the USSR BEFORE it fell and the CIA MISSED IT! Bay of Pigs? Diem assassination? The list of their failures is legion.

What kind of intel service is this? Then they miss 9-11-2001 or did they help?

The CIA is as useless as a concrete parachute and should be IMMEDIATELY disbanded and set up along the lines of the Mossad, who actually gets it RIGHT!

17 ICAs (Intel Collection Agencies) and none of them get it right and none of them give a flying crap about the American People.

2024 - President Trump reforms the DOJ, CIA, and FBLie.

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Great article, thank you, TechnoFog! - Correct, the CIA is NOT allowed to spy or operate on the US territory, on US citizens. So what the CIA does? it outsources the Spy Operations to the British GCHQ, which IS allowed to spy on US citizens (GCHQ = British NSA).

GCHQ does the spying job, then it sends back the info and data to the NSA, the CIA has access to the NSA data, and can gather any data it wants from the NSA (and from the GCHQ).

Easy peasy. This is routine, for the CIA. This is how the CIA circumvents laws and regulations. It is called "Outsourcing".

There is an undersea cable connecting directly the GCHQ Station in Bude (Cornwall) to the NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. In 2010, the NSA paid to the GCHQ $20 Million for improvements of the GCHQ Station in Bude.

By the way: John Brennan (CIA Director) met with the GCHQ Director, Robert Hannigan in early August 2016.

Robert Hannigan resigned on January 23, 2017: 3 days after Trump Inauguration.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

John Brennan was the Mastermind behind all the Spy Operations on Trump.

* * *

Another way the CIA uses to circumvent the law: the CIA contracts HAKLUYT, a private British Spy Agency (founded by two fmr MI6 Agents), HAKLUTY does the dirty job of spying on US citizens, then sends back the info to the CIA. No FOIA: HAKLUYT is a private company.

Interesting to note that the HAKLUYT office in New York City is at 540, Madison Avenue: a 3 minutes walk from Trump Tower.

I've been there.

Will Durham find this out?

I don't know. There are classified UK/USA agreements. I doubt Durham will be given access. The Sussmann/Joffe affair is just scratching the surface of what really happened with the Spy Operations on Trump. Durham interviewed John Brennan on August 21, 2020. For 8 hours: quite a long interview. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at Langley.

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I can't tell you how much I continue to appreciate your proper framing of these issues. I hope at some point enough evidence comes to light that it will be dealt with. While I lost my twitter account the same day as Dr Malone et al (for the same reason), I continue to share your posts on telegram and locals. Thank you ~

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None of this matters as long as powerful men don't go to prison. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, etc.

We have roughly half the country who don't care. There is no objective truth. Might makes right, the ends justify the means.

The older I get the more I understand the meaning of "a republic, if you can keep it."

Of course if you committed a misdemeanor on January 6 of 2021 in the nation's capital, YOU'RE the problem.

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Hey Techno! Great work as always!

Not sure if you read the comments so I’ll be as brief as possible. (DM sent in Twatter)

Durham Healthcare Provider = Watch: 2008 Joffe congressional testimony re: the Conficker worm. Pay close attention as he mentions it was found in 300 MRI machines.

(Committee chairman important due to “Insurance Folder”)

Next, MRI Contrast 1988 FDA Approved Gadolinium.

Next, Google- “DARPA” “DREaM” “Gadolinium” “Transistors”

Next, the recently reported secret CIA bulk surveillance program and page 20 of the 3rd Carter Page FISA warrant application and you’ll just about have enough.

Glad I can finally toss the lob assist for another Techno Fog slam dunk!

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Well thats what happened when you got FBI agents (Strozk) working for the CIA as well.

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Seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear on the horizon

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Nice work Patriot. Techno Fog is paying attention!

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Please tell me John Durham / Whomever won't just ignore 27 corrupt Democrat partisan attorneys working for slimeball Weismann (Mueller face) erasing 27 Federal government smart phones.

Want a tsunami? Disbar and prosecute 27 hack attorneys from Ivy League (liberal) schools. How many will flip to keep their license?

Prima facia guilt?

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Techno Fog, I believe the CIA do have more than a lot of explaining to do. Let's go back to Obama requesting the surveillance system the "HAMMER" spelling incorrect. Implemented and used by John Brennan & James Clapper 2014 for the use protecting the USA of foreign interference. When in fact it was designed for the sole purpose of spying on the American people and anyone who would jeopardize these corrupt entities such as the CIA,FBI and DOJ plan to overthrow a duly elected President Trump and his team! Framing General Flynn as their first obvious strike. wire tapping Trump tower & we cannot forgett the murder of Seth Rich who had Intel from Berny Sanders campaign to be given to Julian Esssange aka. Wikileaks. This corruption is Treason at the highest levels and I can only pray justice does come. We The People need to remember we are the majority and they are the minority!!! They are going to clog all news cycles to prevent the American people from finding out how they've been lied to, robbed and used for years!!! Local Action has national impacts as GF keeps encouraging all of us! Thank you again Techno Fog for your research and opinions.

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One question for TechnoFog:

who do you think will be indicted next, by Durham?

Marc Elias? Jake Sullivan? Fiona Hill?

If Jake Sullivan is indicted by Durham, it will be a HUGE mess for the Biden Cabal (admin.): Jake Sullivan is now the "National Security Advisor" of the demented guy (Joe Biden). Sullivan is one of those who are pulling the strings in the Biden admin (with DNI Avril Haines, fmr CIA).

Marc Elias (Perkins Coie) has been one of the architects of the Election Fraud. If Elias gets indicted by Durham, that will open a can of worms...

Fiona Hill: huge fan of George Soros, Brookings Institution (DNC connected). Fiona Hill introduced Igor Danchenko to Christopher Steele... Fiona Hill was one of the key witnesses in the Trump Impeachment hoax (with Vindman and Marie Yovanovitch)

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I will never forget when Chuck Schumer stated this about President Trump: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,”

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The only way to rid the nation of the CIA is to ensnare the organization in an operation to try and completely take over the nation. This is exactly what has happened. The CIA was smack dab in the middle of the Hillary Clinton conspiracy to spy on President Trump. The entire organization has operated lawlessly for just about as long as it has existed. It is not necessary in the age of our current technology. It killed JFK. It caused 9/11. Its days are numbered.

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Most of the 5 Eyes Countries if not all, use each other's laws to circumvent their counterparts' own laws, so in as much that they can get away with the spying locally....this is most likely why 5 Eyes was established

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CIA Director held Trump's hand through Trump's exit from the White House. Tricked Trump into believing the CIA was Trump's last friend.

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Any connection between this and the unmaskings that occurred during the transition?

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