William Binney, fmr NSA Technical Director, explained many times that the so-called "DNC Hack" was an Inside Job, a Leak, not a Hack, because the data transfer rate was way too high for internet connections: the DNC data transfer had to be done by someone inside the DNC HQ, plugging a hard drive (or other data storage tool) in the DNC server. (Seth Rich?)

Russia had nothing to do with the DNC data leak: that was another bogus claim of the DemocRats, just like the bogus Alfa Bank claim. Whether Joffe and Sussmann were involved in originating and peddling the fake narrative "It's a DNC Russian Hack" ... well, it's possible.

What is certain is that the Durham Team is opening a gigantic Can of Worms.

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Just ‘WOW’

Weaponised governmental agencies unequivocally using their positions to abuse power and revoke our Constitutional provisions!

Thank You Techno Fog!

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Durham has given us a “talking indictment” leading to a “bullhorn trial.”

Anyone paying attention can see plain evidence of the Obama Administration conspiring with the Clinton Campaign and Democrat Party (DNC) attempting to steal the 2016 election. This is facilitated by the senior political appointees at the FBI and DOJ lending credibility to the multiple hoaxes by agglomerating all of the bogus lines of “investigation” into a fraudulent narrative around Trump, his campaign and his transition being “in Putin’s pocket” or “colluding with Russia.” Trump, Page, Pappadopoulous, Stone, Flynn… all were falsely targeted.

This harks back to McCarthy’s using fear of the big Red Threat to impinge the civil liberties and threaten the democratic processes of our country in the 50s. Back then, However, many of McCarthy’s targets WERE Communists/sympathizers. NO ONE in the current version is a Russia supporter - quite the opposite.

Durham has left nothing to the imagination. Everything is impeccably documented and evidenced. Hillary was at the heart of the plot, and Sullivan orchestrated it. They expected the FBI to undermine Trump’s campaign and waltz into the third term of Obama’s presidency. But the need to cover up Hillary’s own REAL scandals subverted their plan. Weiner’s laptop brought her whole mess back into the public eye, and required Comey’s infamous re-opening and absurdist re-closing of that investigation.

Imagine if Trump had come into the White House unsullied by the ridiculous FBI investigations, and with no Special Counsel to deal with. Hillary’s email issues and the Foundation investigations still open. Comey replaced wth a non-partisan Director and Sessions not recused as AG. An objective investigation would have led to a Special Counsel to examine Hillary’s server, the foundation’s abject corruption, the Clinton profiteering, Uranium One. That would have expanded into the Biden family’s buinesses in Ukraine and China, and a parade of top Democrat indictments trials an convictions.

The Democrat Party would be in shambles, and a majority GOP in the House and Senate would have empowered Trump’s agenda, and the economy, the border, and even our response to COVID would all have been handled and controlled properly. Russia would have remained in the box Trump built for them, and China on the defensive. There would have been no invasion of Ukraine, and inflation would still be tame, with rates rising naturally as the strong economy absorbed and handled the higher cost of funding without skyrocketing energy prices, as US production contnued to increase every year.

Yeah — this trial is about a whole lot more than just Sussman’s lie. And this is why the liberal media is pretending it isn’t even happening.

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Anyone familiar with criminal investigations knows that a heavily redacted report created by a third party (Crowdstrike) and edited by a law office (Perkins Coie) BEFORE it reached the FBI regarding a supposed crime where the actual evidence is not available to the investigation....will not hold up in any court in the US.

No chain of custody. No opportunity for the defense to examine the evidence. No oath attested as to the veracity of the evidence can be mad by an law enforcement officer to a court.

This whole investigation was a farce from the beginning.

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One small nit, Pittsburgh has a H at the end. Otherwise, great read.

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Consider something else. What if Crowdstrike was a patsy, there to unknowingly reach false conclusions of a “Russian hack” based on information provided to them, in part, by Rodney Joffe?.....Did Crowdstrike have Hillary as one of there speakers at an event in DC?

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May 25, 2022·edited May 25, 2022

Concerning the subject, you may want to read the redacted testimony of Shawn Henry, President of CrowdStrike Services dated December 5, 2017. Please note, CrowdStrike Services is a legal subsidiary of CrowdStrike that provides security professionals that do analysis and remediation. The parent company provides security software. Often Henry is depicted as "CEO" or "owner" or "head" or "founder" of CrowdStrike. He is none of those things.

Sussmann contacted Henry on April 30, 2016, and either then or the day after told Henry that some months prior, the FBI had contacted the DNC security IT subcontractor to inform them that they had seen unusual traffic or activity, and that somebody should do a full examination of the DNC IT environment. Further, Sussmann repeated a specific term that the FBI had used that according to Henry, "they used a term that I know is related to the Russian Government"

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I just read that again and the name Joffe rings a bell.. and I remember doing research on the butterfly bot net: as did all the rest of the computer geeks: this is really amazing work; and Roger Stone.. we are getting into the heart of this case. waiting.. thx. Techno..

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These CHS (paid informants) might be another part of the FBI's illegal activities. Congress should demand number from the FBI that states exactly how many informants the FBI is paying. EVERY case seems to have an informant popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

It is possible that the U.S. is honeycombed with paid informants. Believe me they probably number in the 10's of thousands or more. Just how many citizens are tasked with spying on their fellow Americans and WHY!

This is East German level of domestic spying. Appears that CHS's are everywhere and salted within Academia, Tech companies, business corporations and within every nook and cranny of American life. Might be nice to know the budget for these FBI spies. This surveillance State has been going on for decades without anyone ever checking the extent of this information network. Much of this spying is not about actual criminal activity. Wish Congress could stop their constant bickering and finally expose the FBI's on going violations of every Americans civil rights by their taxpayer supported internal spying by CHS's.

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@Techno Fog,

To me it's not a far stretch to imagine Mr Joffe being involved in the DNC 'hack' cover-up. Considering Mr Joffe's involvement in the Alfa Bank hoax with Georgia Tech and Mr Sussman. Mr Sussman involved in the DNC 'hack' and CrowdStrike. Mr Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike (formerly of FBI cyber crimes) is an alumni of Georgia Tech.

It's all circular and inbred.

Mr Joffe and Mr Henry are DNS experts. DNS is considered the "Plumbing of the internet".

When you have a Plumbing problem who do you call?

Expert plumbers.

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I know the narrative exists that Joffe is a biased hack but man you’ve made some leaps in this article.

If you are going to tie him in to so many things, why haven’t you watched this video and made those connections as well?


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There is no such thing as the "democratic" party. It's democrat party.

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Great Job

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This all comes back to them thinking Hillary couldn't lose so they obeyed Obama and tried to meddle in the election. After Trump won they had to go scorched earth or allow Sessions to find them out.

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I am still suspicious that the so-called Russian hack of the DNC server was also a hoax. Was Joffe the real hacker?

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"Grasso explained that these omissions were material because the motivation of a source’s political agenda is relevant to the type of cases they 'can open.'" ~ A witness for the defense you say? Cross examination sure disarmed him in short order.

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