James Comey - FBI Director - FIRED

Jim Rybicki - Chief of Staff (JC) - FIRED

Andrew McCabe - Deputy Director - FIRED

James Baker - Office of General Counsel - FIRED

Bill Priestap - Head of Counterintelligence (Strzok's boss) - POWER REMOVED / COOPERATING WITNESS

Lisa Page - Special Counsel - FIRED

Peter Strzok - Lead Investigator/Deputy Asst Director of Counterintelligence - POWER REMOVED / ESCORTED OUT [CLAS-F]

Michael Steinbach?

John Glacalone?

Randy Coleman?

Trisha Anderson?


Tashina Gauhar?

Sally Moyer?




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This newest FBI exposure is nothing new. The agency was run for decades by an immoral tyrant and his DNA still runs deep in this very political organization. They are nothing short of a shadow gov't utilizing their position to keep and wield power in D.C. They have used questionable warrants and methods against powerless Americans for decades while pumping up their image with public relations campaigns, TV shows and a lap dog media covering up their excesses and illegal investigative methods.

No reforms after the Church Committee hearings that exposed much of their illegal activities and their pernicious methods. They and the DOJ act as enforcers for the political class that wants to control the gov't forever in spite of any election that may take place. DEFUND THE FBI if defunding is what the left really wants in their defund the police movement. Notice that the Dems never speak one word against the FBI and its many violations of our civil rights.

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You have no idea just how worthless, ruthless, careless, arrogant, and shameless The FBI and all other Law Enforcement agencies are, were, and will be in the future. From being a target of The FBI and their contractors I assure you, it's almost impossible to piece together their patterns and practises of violating rights. One common gambit feds use is outsourcing the harassment by fronting behind security firms who's crimes are routinely ignored or immunized by those claiming to be public servants. Suspicion to ruin a life, carreer, and reputation can devolve into a mere chance conversation with a deli clerk at a grocery store. Clerks working at mini marts are also fair game. Anybody I talked to on the phone ended up under surveillance and charged for something and, due process was never forthcoming by the bozo deluded Marsupial courts (who's main function is to subvert Discovery to make sure illegal secret surveillance by security firms are compartmentalized to prevent all sources, methods, tactics, and technology from ever being known to a defendant. This is an ongoing pattern and practise in all states and all courts.

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What a bunch of federal hooey! FISA was meant to get at foreign persons, not Americans. You use a warrant in a two sided court to go after American citizens accused of criminal activity, not a secret tribunal. We need desperately to get rid of FISA and start over. Bad law, badly used.

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This is Maddening and as usual I appreciate reading your follow up on all of these. 🍿🍿🍿

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You cant sue us because we broke the law? Thats their defense?

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thank you for the tireless, and normally thankless job of following up on these stories as they work through the courts.

the relatively recent 9th circuit ruling in which Edward Snowden was called a hero also epitomized the fed gov's way of thinking. in an interview Snowden gave after that ruling he pointed out the worst of all results - lip service to what he did and instead of changing its behavior, the fed gov just changed the law to make its formerly illegal activity legal.

snowden's tweet following the ruling...replying to the announcement via ACLU's twitter:


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The Gruberment is seriously out of control. I wonder how long the Founders would have put up with this meirda?

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The Founders risked their honor, treasure and their very lives to free us from the English. Modern day patriots don't even take a day or two to protest the many transgressions of their freedoms. Risking anything seems beyond the modern man's ability and will result in there enslavement by the control freaks running D.C. The total overreaction and jailing of the protesters of Jan 6th is meant to send a serious message to anyone who might still believe they have the right to protest anything. The gunless "insurrection" where the only one killed was an unarmed woman is now being utilized by the left to further clamp down on anyone not toeing their leftist line. When the volcano blows it will be very ugly.

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Latches, latches, we all fall down..

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qualified immunity needs to be abolished in this country. "legislated from the bench" qualified immunity is a useless doctrine which protects criminals from being held accountable!

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Thank you for both coving this and for your blog in whole!!! So many of these subjects are glazed over and left to the medias processes of over/ under hype.

It's nice to see the details and actual filings put into once place on so many important subjects!!!

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If this case is dismissed one might ask the question "why does any court require an affidavit before issuing a surveillance warrant as required by Supreme Court decisions if that affidavit can contain lies, obfuscations and totally mislead the very court deciding the FACTS supporting that warrant?" The individual(s) filing this request for dismissal should have their law license reviewed and their sanity investigated.

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DEA actually made an admission a while back when they promoted "parallel construction" to normalize lawfare rationalizations to subvert due process as a neccessary means to an end: never ending, unfocused, illegal, warrantless abuse intrusive electronics to seize private conversations. It's a whole lot worse than we can imagine. They will use "entrapment" technology to frame people as part of compromise operations in which the exculpatory info concerning sources, methods, tactics, are routinely hidden behind compartmentalized surveillance fronts. A secret Community Policing iniative is used to mislead and normalize any kind of surveillance forever with no actual and explicit notice to targets. Holder even promoted a new Miranda policy that totally subverts the right to remain silent, and does not require any reasonable timeline to give notice to targets. Targets don't have the notice to seek a court order requiring notice. Holder and DOJ have never once given me notice of anything for 35 years of Community Gang Stalking that involved numerous murders of my known associates. It's alot worse than you can imagine. Torture was also deployed using "less than lethal" directed energy weapons to tamper with sleep, and force me to abandon my home. This was in addition to the breakin to illegally sedate me while sleeping, to install an RFID Verichip in my skull. My attempts at seeking medical care to remove the chip and secure x rays proving my persecutory suspicions, were also tampered with while The FBI claimed authority of my investigation. It was Bob Mueller who was infamous as a micro manager coming to work at 6:00 am.

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