I hope the GOP is coordinating with Judicial Watch. They've got a lot of irons in the fire right now (including investigating the DOJ and the FBI). The Biden government is stonewalling them and not responding to their FOIA's, but if the House begins to push, the walls will crack.

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Would also like to know what “outside contractors” were given access to the NSA intercept databases for the purpose of running proper searches (illegal search and seizure) of citizen communications (likely Trump related), and to whom this information was exported. It was only when this surveillance access was shut down that they went the FISA route

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I'm sorry; but, unless I see actual results, I just expect Trey Gowdy type "all hat and no cattle" do nothing hearings.

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Someone get this article to Jimmy Jordan!! Seriously tho, great job with this, technofog.

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Howzabout opening the books on

Psychological and Bioweapon Warfare

on We The People ?

Subhuman freaks need to be Caged and Examined for nihilism tendencies.

Evil phucks.

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Uhhh how about the weaponization of Public Health Policies??

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✅ Rein in the IRS

✅ Secure the Border

✅ Fund the Police

✅ Unleash American Energy

✅ Secure our Elections

✅ Curb Inflation & Spending

✅Pass the Parents Bill of Rights

✅Hold Joe Biden Accountable

That is the official focus. Plus, of course, the Weaponization of bureaucracies, from the FBI to the IRS and beyond. underlies it all.

Will the current Congress actually do any of that? I guess we'll see.

Releasing Americans from the Gulags and Killing the weaponization of the IRS might be good areas to watch. If they don't do that, they are not likely to do anything useful in my opinion.


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It would be nice if the RNC would pay citizen journalists to do the work they should have been doing all along - instead of using donations as a cocktail party slush fund.

We The People should mean something.


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They could start with Seth Rich, and Wikileaks but McCarthy is notorious for jamming the investigative radar and so more nothing until next time...

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Would like to know who specifically organized , coordinated and recruited the “50 Former Intelligence Officials” and who drafted and edited the “letter”?????? What communications did “the coordinator” have with the Biden Campaign, DOJ, FBI or any other intelligence agency ?

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Great stuff. Thanks for such a thorough review.

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Good reporting; keep going on this, TechnoFog. The more this information is circulated among the "normies" the more folks will be awakened to the criminal grift and deception of America by the DC Swamp.

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The left NEEDS to be held accountable for their role in all of these incidents. What message does it send to our young if people, on the left and/or right, are not held accountable for their actions!?!

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I just don't understand the purpose of this committee; you say they should release everything because it is clear that Garland is corrupt. But rational people already understand the truth. The point is that there must be consequences and those will not be visited upon anyone corrupt by this administration. Furthermore, it gives the corrupt DOJ a chance to put people on a sham trial which clears them, effectively granting them immunity via double-jeopardy.

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Brace yourselves for endless meetings, hearings and lip service. Until people are indicted, prosecuted, have their pensions revoked and prosecuted, it is all blahblahblahblah.

America is tired of nothing but talk and politicos blowing smoke endlessly for the cameras.

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Jan 9, 2023·edited Jan 9, 2023

Thank you - plus two items:

Jeff Norman Asks Elon Musk and Twitter Files Reporters a Fair Question – please post further

(while standing in front of sign saying “Don’t even think about parking here” – pls., post on Twitter)



BRAVO “Censored News” – for using correct term for a photo of Biden's Digital Director Rob Flaherty:

“ This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a modern fascist looks like: Rob Flaherty. “

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