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The FBI almost NEVER follows its own procedures in any of its endeavors. Informants are utilized without much documentation or oversight. The FISA violations are just the tip of this bureaucratic iceberg. The original restrictions were placed on the utilization of the FISA Courts because of their secrecy provisions and lack of ability to challenge the assertions being made. It is just all eyewash and a fig leaf for public consumption. Congress passed and created this monster and Constitutionally suspect Court but NEVER gets to review or enforce the provisions provided to balance the secrecy issues. A real Star Chamber operation.

Guess what? An examination of FBI wire tap applications would probably reveal the same lack of documentation and the affidavits would be loaded with dubious assertions and sworn to facts that are suspect. Entire system is broken and full of corruption and obfuscation. FBI supervisors don't supervise and Congress does little or nothing to enforce compliance.

Americans really have no protection from arbitrary use of surveillance and other things that result in wholesale violations of our Constitutional rights. DOJ is just another bureaucratic, mediocre gov't agency of repression populated by aspiring politicians. Without wholesale reform and some serious prosecutions this will continue as standard operating procedure by most of the gov't's enforcement agencies. CIA reform is another can of worms.

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IMO...reforming or restructuring or re-anything with regards to the CIA is impossible. It’s (likely) impossible to cleanse.

Everything above that, spot on.

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Obama has been pulling the strings ever since IRS and ACORN fraud. His fingerprints are all over everything. Funny how nobody will put their finger on the one who is destroying it all.

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IMO...the fault is with the FISA Court Judges that have turned themselves into Rubber Stamps that the FBI abused

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Defund the FBI

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Nobody will be punished. There is no justice in the Dept. of Justice.

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There needs to be punishments and not the getting fired kind. Real jail time. Otherwise they will just move on and get a job with MSNBC.

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FISA was a solution to the "Hoover Problem".

The public saw the problem as FBI repeatedly violating the 4th Amendment by illegal surveillance.

The FBI saw the problem as the public FOUND OUT about the violations.

Solution: make the illegal surveillance "legal" by getting Secret Judicial Branch court to approve it.

It appears this solution has worked brilliantly.

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spies aren't protected by 4a and never were, even before 4a was destroyed by the war on drugs (and Hoover's war on it for 60 years)

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Interesting timing 😳.

Thanks, Techno🙏❤️🇺🇸

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Our whole Gøvernment is corrupt and ain't working for we the people they're working against us.

Since when does the U.S label their own citizens terrorist?

Since when do rules apply only to Americans but not to illegal immigrants?

This installed Bi-dumb admin are committing human trafficking In front of our faces and peope don't see it?

That's the reason they're not väccinating refugees because their customers wouldn't be able to use them as sex slaves if they're injected with these fake väccines. Since they would transfer spike proteins to whoever sleeps or fondled them.

And that's exactly why they're not väccinating immigrants on top of using them to take the jobs of Americans who don't take their poìson killshøts.

It's a war against Americans.

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Accountability has been lacking for decades now. Metastasizing itself during the Clinton years, now an-anything goes policy is standard practice and getting caught has no consequence. WHY change anything when there’s no consequence for malfeasance?

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Both the Clinton's response to allegations and charges was always "so the"'F" what!" Or "what are you gonna do?" When their supporters and the media said mostly the same thing about the serious allegations our gov't by polling results just crawled away and allowed their grifting, corruption and gangster like behavior.

He sexually abuses woman and has allegations of rape and most ALL woman's groups fawn over him while attacking a choirboy like Judge K. Politics is an immoral and disgusting career choice when it becomes a substitute for morality. Individuals who buy into this universe are either dumb or plain evil.

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I believe the people of this country look at the FBI as a criminal organization. They only prosecute Republicans are are more like the KGB than an American police force.

We are so disappointed that every branch of government is so partisan and WHY? The Democrat party is a freaking joke or nightmare.

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Wray is an original swamp rat who done nothing but incompetent damage control. He has no plans to clean house.

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Makes you wonder what they centered on begining in 2015 and continueing through 2020...wait, when did DJT Declare (2015) ? Wasn`t he president through 2015? Golly, that sure is a strange coincidence, ya think? *continuing I forgot to pack my spell checker...tv keyboard FS remote too limiting

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I hope Durham isnt giving the american people the swerve....sleepy joe left americans behind....get out bum....dirty rotten bum

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DC needs to be cleaned out in its entirety. That includes the FBI and every single one of the judges sitting on the FISC/FISA court bench. If members of the FISC/FISA court won't enforce protocols that were set in place to protect Americans from unlawful prosecution by the FBI, then they don't need to sit on the bench.

America shouldn't even have a secret court, -but sadly, that's where we find ourselves today.

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Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?

How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?

Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

What is HUMA? Define.

What book was BO caught reading?

Why was this immediately disregarded as false?

What is ‘Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria’?

Why is this relevant?

Why would the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be reading this book?

What church did BO attend as pre-POTUS?

Who was BO’s mentor?

How is Alwaleed and HRC connected?

Who was HRC’s mentor?

How is Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. connected?

What occurred post 9-11?

What war did we enter into?

What was the purpose and disclosures given re: justification?

Who financed 9-11?

Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?

What just occurred in SA?

What FOIA docs are being publicly released (recently)?

Why is this relevant?

What information is contained within these c-releases?

Why is C WRAY important with regards to these releases?

What does money laundering mean?

What is the single biggest event that can generate many nation states to payout billions?

Who audits where the money goes?

$15,000 for a toothbrush?


Why did we attack Iraq?


Who are they?

What do they specialize in?

What is oil field service?

Why is this relevant?

What ‘senior’ level political officials are affiliated w/ Halliburton?

What is the primary goal?

What is the primary mode of influence that drives corruption?

What does money buy?

How is this connected to SA?

How is this connected to Alwaleed?

How is this connected to LV?

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The FBI is consumed by ungodly evil. God fearing people need to rise up and destroy this house of evil too.

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