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All I keep thinking is who this group of perpetrators are: billionaires, politicians, princes, arms dealers and many other shady types. All work on different playing fields with ways to harm her or her family. It already happened to her father. They didn’t offer her a plea deal even going into this case if she named names (like they do normally) and Epstein was named officially a CI (confidential informant) for the FBI in the Palm Beach case that went away. So when the feds are protecting these folks, you can be assured that the 20,000 cds full of pictures and videos collected at the Epstein NYC mansion will be stored next to Hunter’s laptop, Weiner’s laptop, and the Ark of the Covenant in that huge warehouse....

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Acosta the former AG ... hes the one that cut deals w these diabolical hanious psychotic sociopaths

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Reminds of of Hoover's file cabinet of powerful people who needed protection. We can be sure that they obeyed whatever to remain secure. The FBI's trove will ensure 'correct' behavior from some. Maxwell was expendable. Epstein was the danger.

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Epstein alive n well sister...

Maxwell is a submarine pilot

What kid wouldnt want to go on an actual submarine!!! How you think some of those kids got transported... how many dead kids on bottom?

Epstein was the only one?

You sure?

He was the head of the monster!!!

Maxwell was the webbed fingers and scaled arm ...

Epstein donated to her underwater sea foundatiin bs scam many times!


She was a certified submarine pilot....

1 ping

And 1 ping only

Hunt for Red October!

Trench runs deep there..

Many many involved in this diabolical sinister warped demented psychotic business model...

Maxwell will burn 🔥in hell

7th level Dante inferno

Burn you sick bitch !!! BURN

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The government knew Maxwell assisted Epstein back 20 years or so ago and left her alone. Why did they decide to go after her now? Makes no sense, unless they were after some bigger fish; but, evidently they aren't. There are so many criminals of varying degrees, wealthy, enjoying life, still breaking the law. Maxwell wasn't flagrant in the past few years, as far as sexual grooming or abusing young girls, was she? I think what troubles me is the government prosecutors have so much power -- to destroy lives, torment and torture both the innocent and the guilty -- I never thought I would live in a country like ours has become. There is just so much that is troubling about Epstein, his first trial, the years since, his incarceration and death, and then the "necessity" of getting Maxwell. What is the truth? Will we ever know who else is guilty in this sordid affair?

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There was no intent to arrest or prosecute anyone else in this matter. There is much talk about others who are about to be prosecuted and I will tell you that if there are any others that will be prosecuted that they are not anybody of any name rank or stature. This is the reason why the court documents are sealed. So that they can go after only the ones they want to and leave everybody else alone and we are all left in the dark. The people like the clintons and the prince and half of Hollywood will never be touched.

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Maybe Wikileaks will shed some light.

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Free Assange.

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Comment deleted
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It comes full circle. Wikileaks knows where the DNC leak came from and everything on that hard drive. (Seth Rich is on the short list of suspects). You know the one where the DNC said they had been hacked, the Feds took them at their word and the hard drive was never looked at. It then disappeared. It was definitely an inside job due to the download speed- there was no Russian hack. This involved Podesta and Hillary and how Hillary got the questions in the primary debate beforehand giving her a huge advantage over Bernie. The feds also gave cover to that whole mess, like they did this one.

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the modern day anglo justice system really comes down to "sacrificing a virgin to appease the devil and continue onwards". they like to "tie things up and put a bow on it". Nothing more to see. So they went quasi hard on maxwell.

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Acosta made the deals.. hes in miami... find his weasel.ass

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It’s because of President Trump and his promise to get rid of the Swamp, that They were charged. The rest of Presidents back to Reagan were all part of the establishment and they were all at Epstein’s island! I’m so glad it’s been destroyed! And the rest of that scum who tortured and raped children until they had Panda Eyes!

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The one part of the Maxwell conviction that everyone is celebrating, "Now the fun really begins". Has there ever been a major plea agreement after conviction? I'm not saying it's not possible, but the last time I remember hearing about it is Lucky Luciano, and they had to deport him to make it happen.

I don’t think that’s how it works. I don't think the DOJ can just stroll into a courtroom and say, “Your honor, Maxie is cooperating now. We need to shave 55 of 65 years off her sentence". Once the jury came down with guilty verdicts, now the sentencing guidelines kick in. DOJ has nothing to bargain with.

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The DOJ does often make "recommendations" as to sentencing both for longer and sorter incarcerations for many reasons. Courts can or cannot follow the suggestions. Given the bombshells Ms Maxwll might possess my guess is the Judge passing sentence owes somebody something in the DC power structure or has a few secrets he/she would rather keep blow the public radar. Governments and the individuals working within them are as human as the rest of us but with way more power and something to lose. Justice "for all" is an ideal that just dow not exist in the real world. We could do much better but are bound by the political class that is part and parcel of the elite power structure and always will be. That government offers those elitists protection and insulation from the masses they so loath and fear.

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The part of this that seems nothing will go further into exposing more people is because the DOJ sealed Maxwell's records and evidence. Her attorney's did not fight this at all! This leads me to believe any deals would be off the table because of the sealed documents used for all charges. So, my prayer is that John Durham has evidence in his investigation to issue indictments on crimes against humanity, treason etc.

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Crimes against humanity? Treason? What on Earth are you talking about? Maxwell's case has nothing at all to do with anything of the sort.

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Dan.. we believe it does..

1000's of 14 and 15 yr old children for 25 years....

Im afraid that crimes against humanity and treason applies ..

Heads of states. Corporate ceo that made military and pharma decisions... classification does rise to the level of high crimes bribery statute.. for favors and bribes to pass laws to grant govt favors..

And molest rape and sodimize 13 14 15 yr old girls for 25 years plus!@@@

I think that meets that threshold?

Rethink your defense...

By the wsy... hows jeffrey doing?

Last spotted in Arizonia


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Impressive, most impressive.

Argument: "Maxwell is not a big enough name to trigger a mass awakening." [example] Counter-argument:

Do not make statements based on assumption of 'worth' and/or 'value'. Do not think 'today' but rather 'after' today.


Crimes against Children = common denominator [no matter political affiliation][mass pop awakening].

Have faith in Humanity.


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John Roberts?

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The DOJ only went after Maxwell because of bad press. Seriously, does that surprise anyone?

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Lets talk about the other names then... poor maxwell.. that poor poor thing... geez

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My comment was taken from the article. Reread the article and see for yourself.

I would never imply that we should have sympathy or empathy for Ghislane Maxwell. She's a disgusting POS who set little girls up to be raped by multiple men, and who even participated in some of those rapes.

My comment doubled down on the point that the DOJ only acted because the people found out what had been going on. This whole trial has been kabuki. Their focus was never on on Maxwell, (her conviction was a given), their focus was to make sure everything was sealed and covered up, and that's exactly what the judge did. Everything's been sealed, the names of every predator in the little black book, the hard drives, and every bit of kompromat that was pulled from them and from Epstein's properties. The deep state operation, and all of the physical evidence needed to expose it, has been sealed.

I seriously doubt Maxwell is long for this world, -especially if they think she'll start exposing them as pedophiles.

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Keep exposing the coverup


Just keep going

Every friggin day!

Every hour

Expose em all

Hang em all

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Comment deleted
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I had hoped that Trump would have taken out more of the trash. Sadly, he barely scratched the surface.

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Trump visted the island.

Trump was on lolitta express

Trump hung out w epstrin allot

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First, per testimony from Epstein's pilot, Trump flew on Epstein's executive jet, -not the Lolita Express.

Second, I have no idea where you're getting your information that Trump visited the island, -perhaps you'll enlighten us? I'd love to see that evidence.

Third, Trump ditched his friendship with Epstein, even going so far as to ban him from Mar A-Lago once he leaned that Epstein had targeted an employee's underage daughter.

If that isn't enough for you, Trump then began helping the Florida AGs who were trying in vain, to prosecute Epstein for raping and trafficking underage girls. In his press conference, Acosta told us that his superiors at the DOJ had nixed the idea of any harsh sentence being imposed on Espstein, basically ordering him to give Epstein a sweetheart deal and make everything go away. Don't kid yourself, they all knew Trump was working with Acosta to expose everything.

With all of that said, if Trump was raping kids, he needs to be held accountable, as do all of the others. But the proof had better be so damned overwhelming, so damned stellar, and so damned reliable that it removes any and all doubt from the people. After witnessing so many fake witch-hunts and frame-up attempts against Trump, the people will never again take the word or blindly trust anything that anybody in DC has to say. They've severely destroyed their own credibility and that of everybody who's ever been associated with Dems, the RINOs, and most of the DC agencies, -especially the DOJ and FBI.

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No hanky panky on the executive jet huh?


Just on lolitta express huh? Sex with 13 14 yr old girls! Never on the executive jet!!


Ummmmm, you sure?

Sounds like these psychopaths had values and morales?

No sex on executive jets! Damn it!

Thats where these sociopaths draw the line....

Defend justify , sounds like your boarding pass was a witness to this executive privilege????

Sounds great guy..

Trump is a great guy ..then...?

Sounds like a cloaked klingon bird of prey spock! Its only logical...

Warp speed my ass,,,,,

Did you get your booster yet? Trump told you to get one...

Sounds like a warped diagnosis...

Damn it jim..

Im a doctor!

Ati defense cia contractor received the 120 billion $$$$$ warp speed contract... shhhhhhh



Synthetic pathogen experiments....

Making a killing

Pzifer gave trump

2 million ...

Yes trump gates epstein clinton all involved in eugenics

And child sex slavery for high crimes and treason

Same church

Different pew!!@

Quit defending the psychotic cabal sociopaths

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Trump help acosta? Do what?

Hide all the other psychotic sociopaths that raped and sodimized 14 yr old girls for 25 years? Trump helped the AG???








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Acosta needs to be charged.. thats the weasel ... hes in miami

Time to locate that turd

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The DOJ is a very political governmental agency that utilizes "justice" and the tools of prosecution as political cudgels more often that most would believe. They are not close to a Justice seeking organization. Their use of "informants" and the deals cut MUST be publicly available since they are acting as "the American peoples agent" in administrating our Constitutionally driven system of Justice.

Could name many, many deals offered and used by criminals to bye- pass being brought to justice. Time this secretive practice be aborted. It should be policy to reveal thesis pernicious deals and informants unless a Court approved order is issued, with a time limit, to expose secrecy by those same deal making DOJ employees.

This is an awesome amount of POWER to be placed in the hands of unelected and unaccountable, what are essentially, bureaucrats. Way past assuring some sanity and fairness within this taxpayer funded mainstay and power center in the Executive Branch. It has become a tool of political revenge and punishment. Just ask the many Trump officials who were harassed and persecuted for their politics by this out of control partisan agenda driven powerhouse organization. The voters MUST have some direct input to mitigate some of the excesses of this agency.

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Acosta!!! Acosta made the deal..

Go after that weasel

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We know the DOJ is corrupt. But I am also truly sickened when I think of all the peripheral people -- everyday people -- who interacted with Epstein and Maxwell, knew or suspected what they were up to, and did ZERO to help rescue these underage girls. I'm thinking of one of your previous posts, Techno, where you mentioned the testimony of Epstein's private pilot. The pilot suspected what was going on. Yet, he admitted he was so close with Epstein that he arranged for his daughter to be married at Epstein's ranch. What a great dad -- securing one of the perv's sex lairs as the site for his daughter's destination wedding! I wonder if his daughter threw up in her mouth when she learned that little nugget?

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The government is peppered with war mongers and captains of industry who send our children to faux wars to die by the score all for profit and gain. So what are a few children to that system if it can keep the wheels grinding??

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Few things have the destructive power of “an inconvenient truth” - we see prominent examples like Nassar and the gymnasts or Epstein and many more on local levels at schools and other organizations ( not always involving children and sex crimes) - individuals, communities, organizations will ignore and/or go to tremendous lengths to suppress and/or destroy inconvenient truths

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Remember Mrs No Names statement, "we all knew..." what Epstein was up to. Most of the powerful people on Earth knew what he was doing, who was involved, and the results. Diseased temple

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I said it before the trial got underway. That Maxwell is the patsy who will do the time and then get a nice fat payoff and NOT get Arkancided.

The Elites will never get arrested or called to account.

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Not sure she won't get Arkancided. These high-profile, high-powered people who have something to lose don't leave loose ends. There is too big a risk that Maxwell will confide in someone in prison and info will get leaked about prominent individuals involved in the decades-long perv fest. I'm sure Epstein vowed he would never name names and he was taken out -- erm, I mean killed himself.

While the legal reasoning seems to be the documents are sealed because the investigation is still ongoing, I don't believe that. They are kept under seal to prevent the public from knowing specific details about the other individuals involved in the sexual abuse. Although I'm glad Maxwell will serve time for her crimes, I am truly disheartened that none of the men (pedophiles) who were part of it will ever be held accountable and may very well continue their abuse.

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New York Daily News: "[Virginia] Giuffre also said in a deposition that she was hired to service former New Mexico Sen. Bill Richardson and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-Maine)."

"...Billionaire financier Leon Black, the co-founder of private equity giant Apollo Global Management, provided support for Epstein’s lavish lifestyle over a five-year period that ended in 2017 — long after Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida to a prostitution charge involving a teenage girl, a company review found, according to The New York Times. That report noted that Black viewed Epstein as a “confirmed bachelor with eclectic tastes.” "

"Black announced in January that he would soon step down as CEO of the firm after the review unearthed more than $150 million in payments to Epstein...."

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Do you recall WHEN Epstein was taken out? Maybe a week or two after huge names came out that were tied into his sick lifestyle. Not the prince, BC, or such. A New York Billionaire, a retired Congressman, several New York City power brokers, etc. It happened quite quickly as the jail LEO "fell asleep". With AG Bill Bondo Barr in charge.

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Epstein still very very much alive! Oh yes he is

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Comment deleted
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Vincent Foster Disease has killed as many as covid.

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"Who's next?" No one ore they would have been named in this trial. But what do you expect from James Comey's daughter and the same team that indicted Epstein in 2019?

Check this article out:


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So she was involved in the Acosta

Deal that let all others have no accountability for raping and sellinh 1000's of 14 15 yr old girls for sex to politically connected millionaires who commit felony bribery? As pay back???

You mean thats the true depth of this horrific diabolical sinister child sex trafficking 30 yr RING?


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DOJ is disgusting and corrupt. Convictions should have happened years ago, with numerous people going to jail. For a long time.

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Clearly the FBI is not interested in pursing the "Johns" that were captured on video having sex with underage girls. The FBI have had this evidence for years now and has done nothing. The big question is who ultimately paid Epstein to run this honey trap? All fingers point to Israeli intelligence and this is the big reason this case is being buried. The American public cannot learn that "America's Greatest Ally" exploited underage white American girls to obtain Kompromat on American politicians and powerful business leaders.

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has justice really been served though? i heard someone gave her a phone in court in front of the judge. how are we ever supposed to believe things are actually on the up and up when these kinds of people always have "special privileges"??? for all we know they will walk her out the back door straight to a plane and plop her on an island and no one would know. its all smoke and mirrors. i dont trust any of it. then all these "co conspirators...members of the black book" walk free still?? there will never be true justice in this country because money always wins while the little guy takes the shaft. enough with the secrets.

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