Be honest, Durham was the clean up crew - FBI walks with zero accountability for everyone. Two tier system is alive and well.

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I suspect Durham and crew will get another big bonus. It's impressive how swamp creatures take care of each other.

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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022

The "cumulative weight of circumstantial evidence" now is rather clear even to those who held out hope that some modicum of justice would find its way out with Special Counsel Durham.

Alas, the WSJ is already on the record anticipating how this will be swept under the rug and funding cut. IMHO, it was evident for too long, far too long that Durham was charged with seeking a patsy for FIB (and by extension its sister agency, the entire intel apparatus and the Obama WH).

Barr put Durham in with the understanding he would a) never do a report and file it for the public before the 2020 election b) never indict any FIB or related senior intel agency official c) only pursue a case against private sector parties who could be blamed for deceiving FIB with d) a dead end one way or another.

You know it's sad but true. 😩

Thanks Techno Fog for your years of illumination, observation and reporting. The Russia Collusion Hoax failed but all its RICO participants walk free.

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What's the point of even having a Country anymore?

Honestly, the cities are lawless and ANTIFA runs wild, and then in D.C. if you're a Democrat you get away with anything and everything.

I mean it, what are we even doing??

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What a waste of time and our tax money. Even our court system is corrupt.

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You can spin this all you want, but in the end the Deep State wins again. Durham's a joke (at best), and unless you can relocate the venue outside of the DC metroplex, expect similar results in the future. In summary, the Republic is dead. Make suitable preparations.

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Oct 18, 2022Liked by Techno Fog

This news is not really surprising.

Your report is excellent, Technofog!

Thank you.

This whole thing reminds me of The Art of War. As though there is a strategy in place that we are not yet privy to.

Each lower rung of Durham’s ladder so far, without doubt, has led us to a very clear picture of the rot at the top rungs of the FBI and imo to the Obama White House.

In the Art of War we would not yet at this point even know who on our side infiltrated their side. Q said , “You are watching a movie”

Which means there are some excellent actors playing unusual roles.

The “other side” has their narrative distraction for today.

Time will tell.

I have really appreciated your coverage of this trial, Technofog ❤️🇺🇸

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Thanks TF for your excellent reporting and coverage of this case. I need more time to process what’s this all means about our system of ‘Justice’ and where we are as a country.

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Can we all stop worshiping Durham now? JFC. What a clown show.

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Only Republicans get convicted by DC area Dem juries. Infuriating.

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Great work as usual! Our FBI is compromised to its core. Read the book at LicensedToLie.com and SidneyPowell.com

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Thanks so much for being a rare informed source for these cases; simply criminal that media ran with non-stop breathless Steele Dossier lies in their headlines but zero appetite for truth.

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Thanks Techno I read your trial reports on my podcast.

I think this proves the military's the only way.

Below this is a Substack I put in my last broadcast:

The President's Guard

National Guard Special Forces

17th Special Operation Group Oct 15

“There exists a small fraternity of skilled men that hunt monsters for sport. Such warriors make the monsters of the world quake with terror - for the soldiers of light hunt their prey in the dark, and no matter where they hide, these evil monsters cannot ever escape the green eyed gaze of the masterful hunter.” 17thSOG The Presidents Army


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Oct 19, 2022Liked by Techno Fog

Tecnofrog, your coverage of the trial was better than anything in any newspaper or news show. Spectacular work; I really appreciate the transcripts so I can draw my own conclusions to the efficacy of your synopsis's.

What is the end game of it all?

Is it like Mueller investigation? The executive branch will not prosecute so I struggle to understand where it goes.

Thanks again.

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Just another fact we better accept that it's only a one-way justice system and everybody's protecting the FBI and CIA and all these other people that so unless we take the matter into our own hands it's going to be forever and will be a communist bastard Nation by then we can't wait much longer

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So the "justice" system is as corrupt as every other system in the regime.

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