The criminal Biden/Obama regime,

Academia, Media, & the DNC/Uniparty:

Lied about Covid.

Lied about gain of function.

Lied about the Experimental Gene Therapy.

Lied about illegal bio-labs in Ukraine.

Lied about the laptop.

Lied about the election fraud.

Lied about CCP spy balloon.

Lied about military troops in Ukraine'

Lied about Jan. 6th.

They are lying about everything.

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Robert Mueller deposed the first president elect in American history, Barack Obama. In December of 2008 Mueller’s FBI deposed Obama for over 2 hours in the criminal investigation of the selling of his senate seat. Documented published evidence Obama lied to four federal agents and Mueller protected/leveraged/blackmailed a sitting president. Till this very day his fbi 302s are sealed and the ONLY outlet to foia request them is Judicial Watch? Wonder why?

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All of this is so unforgivably disgusting. And, like so many, I've known for quite awhile.

I am just one, small person, but I have had so many relationships destroyed over these lies of the past several years. I especially blame Rachel Maddow; several loved ones so in thrall to her that they turned away from reason and could not hear me.

I now have inauthentic relationships with these brainwashed loved ones, because any time I try to speak anything to the contrary of their programming, they turn on me like rabid wolves and say such absurd things as, "you have discredited yourself."

I'm heartsick over the loss of these lifelong relationships.

There will be no amnesty.

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"If only these reporters had a smidgen of courage"

I think you meant to write "If only these reporters had a smidgen of integrity".

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Missing from Durham’s report besides 75% of the backstory is the collusion between UniParty corrupt criminals

McStain, Graham, Kerner,Ryan, Kent, Volker, McMaster,Gottlieb,Romney,Flake, BurrCofer-Black,Kristol, McMullin,Hurd, Rick Gates, Mueller, Bush, Corker,Rick Davis, the other James Baker, Steve Schmidt WITH Soros, Biden, Cardin, Harry ReidL,Lanny Davis, Sid Blumenthal, Leahy, Pelosi,Menendez, Warner, Podesta, James Baker( Murphy,the Current one)Nuland, Glenn Simpson…. David Cameron, Tony Blair, Poroshenko, Halper, May, Merkel, Five Eyes, Brennan, Clapper, Kerry, Fauci,Avril lHaines… to name a few

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Techofog your article validates what was written in 2019-2020 of reporting the media complicity. As documented in two articles, “The Federalist.” The first article in March 2019, by Margot Cleveland, titled “61 Hacks Who Peddled Russian Collusion and Should Never Be Trusted Again.” The second article in August 2020, by Mollie Hemingway, titled “Media Silent as Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles.” Additionally because no one has actually investigated the Russian Hoax collusion through the prism of a conspiracy in connecting all the dots all those involved still have criminal liability since the conspiracy to destroy Trump been on going to present date. See accountability article on why the conspiracy statute is still in play. https://johnseaman.substack.com/p/accountability

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Thank you for your work. This sounds like an actual seditious conspiracy, but, unfortunately, I suspect nothing will happen to this pack of liars since they are all part of the DC protected class.

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May 19, 2023·edited May 19, 2023

It's like Auron says: "You don't hate journalists enough. You think you do, but you don't."

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The collusion was of reporters and their employers corruptly running a RICO scheme (they all advanced their personal economic wellbeing) in combination with unnamed public SERVANT actors to subvert our "Democracy" and in effect committing the crime of insurrection all in a failed attempt at taking over our government. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING PROSECUTED?<rhetorical question OFF>

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A journalist who got fed lies and self-serving BS by Comey and McCabe writing an article that said "Normally we protect sources, even if it means going to jail. But, when those sources are highly-placed government officials, who we find out knowingly lied and used us to advance their personal and political agenda, well, that changes the fundamental equation about why we protect sources. When high government officials outright lie, and try to cover their lies by using journalists, well, that is when the integrity of journalism DEMANDS that those identities not be protected and that the attempts to defraud the media and the American public be exposed in their entirety."

Man, that would be genuinely Pulitzer worthy journalism, unlike the crooked stenographer "journalists" who previously received awards for exactly the wrong reasons.

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How did Comey know Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia Hoax investigation? There’s a great piece in the Gateway Pundit.


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I strongly object to calling the media mere “vessels.” They are complicit and guilty of lying and lying and lying. No wonder most Americans believe not one thing that comes from the media and why most go elsewhere to find the truth. They banked on people believing their lies, and I wish there were a means to send them all on a one-way trip to China, with no possible way to return, beginning with the names you called out here. They have zero respect from Americans and are only speaking to each other.

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The biggest bullshit of all is none of these dems will ever face the fucking music. At least they will all rot in hell 🔥🔥🔥

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Camp Justice


Traitorous filth to Our Constitution.

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And still



The solution to this government is dissolution

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"The thing you need to know about nuclear war is that (1) its preparatory stage begins when Russia’s communist surrogates in Washington find themselves in an untenable position; (2) when Heaven and Earth must be moved to hide the alliance between the Fifth Columnists and their Russian sponsors through an outrageous diversionary campaign; (3) when this effort fails once and finally war becomes unavoidable. "

JR Nyquist

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