If you listen closely you can hear bleachbit getting loaded on to a dusty laptop in the dept. lockup

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If Seth had nothing to do with the Hillary hack, then there would be no need for all this secrecy around his laptop/communications. I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the FBI is hiding something very significant from the American people so as to not disrupt the BS "narrative" that it was the Russians (i.e. Russia = Trump = both bad). Time for the FBI to come clean on this issue and many, many more (i.e. Hunter and the Big Guy's escapades)...

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Sep 29, 2022Liked by Techno Fog

Great reporting and analysis

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Techno Fog, FTW. I'm looking at the order but stopped to question whether we will see anything relevant on the Seth Rich laptop or if it's not going to see any actual and significant production?

That FIB has gone from zero to 20,000 documents over this street crime of a murder, how utterly odd?

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Huma and Hillary,

let the tears begin.

Nothing will save those witches Skin.

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I’d like to know who advised President Trump not to pardon Julian Assange?

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How much move evidence is needed to show the FBI is an highly politicized department for the Democrats? Will anyone step up and get rid of those who are responsible for the demise of the FBI!

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WOW. FINALLY. I downloaded the document. and OH BTW there was a "flag: to mark for inappropriate content.. so get it while you can. I had a SCRIBED account which was OOPS lapsed and all the PDF I put on there disappeared and I didn't want to put them YET AGAIN. THANK YOU TECHNO. I personally keep track of Seth Rich's mysterious death.

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I had lost hope that we would ever hear anything regarding Seth Rich. May justice prevail for Seth Rich & Julian Assange.

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".....withheld due to “national security grounds”"

We were originally told that Rich was a midlevel staffer at the DNC. A small fish. His murder was just random violence. Now we can't see the contents of his laptop due to "national security".

What the F is taking place in the back rooms of Washington?

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I bet this laptop accidentally jumps into the Potomac.

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That new joke again...

The difference between a conspiracy theory and fact? 6 months.

In this case it's been years. Anyone think this will lead to anything? Anything at all?

No. I didn't think so.

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Unfortunately this corrupt DOJ AND FBI will continue their fancy dancing around producing ANYTHING that even smells like it connects to HRC.

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Could Seth Rich's laptop contain data taken from the DNC server which Julian Assange did not publish. Information that had been used to blackmail its members, the members of the RNC, as well judges and other political offices? Is this what the compromised leaders of the FBI are protecting? Is this why they have been so hard on Julian Assange but haven't killed him? Maybe he's had the blackmail all along but he he did not publish it....yet?

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SETH Rich only mentioned because it directly relates to SA.

Las Vegas.

What hotel did the 'reported' gunfire occur from?

What floors specifically?

Who owns the top floors?

Top floors only.

Why is that relevant?

What was the shooter's name?

What was his net worth?

How do you identify a spook?

What can historical data collection reveal?

Was there any eye witnesses?


Was he registered as a security guard?

Why is MS13 important?

What doesn't add up?

Was there only one shooter?

Why was JFK released?

What do the JFK files infer?

Was there only one shooter?

Who was in LV during this time?

What was the real mission?


Why are survivors dying randomly?

What do each of these survivors have in common?

Did they talk on social media?

What did they say?

Were they going to form a group?

Why is this relevant?

How did they die?

What CIA report was released by WK?

What can control a car?

How did the (2) of the survivors die?

Car crash?

How does this connect to SA?

What just happened in SA?

Who owns the top floors of the hotel?

What happened today in SA?

To who specifically?

Was POTUS in LV that night?


Why was he there?

Who did he have a classified meeting with?

Did AF1 land at McCarran?

What unmarked tail numbers flew into McCarren that night?

Trace AF1 that entire day.

What do you notice?


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Why just the laptop? Why not Seth's cellphone as well as communications between the FBI and Facebook. (FB created an assassin deployment, target tracking, kill verification and payment via crypto over an encrypted network app in 2012 they called it the FB GTA-V social media app, they even beta tested it with the public)

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