Biden DOJ Approves Civil Rights Violations

Dismissal of the race discrimination lawsuit against Yale reveals priorities of Biden Administration

Today, the Biden Department of Justice dismissed without explanation a civil rights lawsuit filed against Yale for race-based discrimination against Asian applicants.

The lawsuit was originally filed in October 2020 after a 2+ year investigation by the DOJ Civil Division, which found that Yale had a “long-standing and ongoing” operation to discriminate against applicants based on race and national origin. Yale was put on notice of its violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the August 2020 letter below.

The Specific Allegations Against Yale

The DOJ lawsuit alleged an operation by Yale to discriminate by “race for at least 50 years.” To summarize, Yale instituted a multi-step process by which it would identify the race of applicants and give them rating scores. The applicants of the races that Yale didn’t want - potential students that were white or Asian - were penalized based on their race and for their race alone.

Once the application process go to the Committee level, the same rules applied: Yale employees “consider the race of a racially-penalized applicant to be a negative factor when selecting applicants.”

Yale’s Dean of Admissions would then determine whether the racial percentages were acceptable. Applicants that were white or Asian would be eliminated if the racial balance wasn’t good enough.

The Numbers

Yale’s discrimination led to high-achieving white and Asian students to be precluded from admission, in comparison to other races. This is what we call evidence of a civil rights violation.

The DOJ allegations against Yale were serious. This included violations of applicants’ civil rights and, as a result, violations of contractual agreements with the US that Yale would comply with US law.

The Biden DOJ dismisses the case.

On February 3, 2021 - approximately two weeks into the Biden presidency - the lawsuit has been dismissed. Rich and powerful liberal friends at Yale are safe.

Those institutions we are supposed to revere?

The Biden DOJ has sent a message to schools around the country: race-based discrimination is OK if you target some races. In doing so, the Biden DOJ is submitting the schools, and really the country, to its own race-based application of the law.

The Scales of Justice aren’t blind. They’re looking you over, probing your race and nationality, and applying the law accordingly.

Welcome to the new world.

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