Power and Political Investigations

The Democrat Roadmap

How do corrupt politicians conduct investigations? Corruptly.

Over the next couple months, it’s looking like we will see the inception of a new “9/11 style commission” to investigate the events of January 6, 2021. Per CNN reporting through a senior Democrat aide:

A Commission of 7 Democrats and 4 Republicans. Or perhaps an evenly split commission if Senate Republicans get their way. An investigative scope dictated by Pelosi. A duration of nearly a year, if not longer, with a budget of millions. All to conclude at the end of 2021. Just in time for Congressional hearings before the 2022 election.

Tools for Power

The problem inherent in all types of political investigations and political commissions is power. It influences everything: the scope, the fact-finding, the analysis, and the conclusions. We saw that with Mueller’s investigation and it’s effort to cripple the agenda of the Trump Administration. It happened with the 9/11 Commission, itself a political entity with its own political concerns about how to conduct its investigation, the questions it was to ask, and the conclusions it was to reach or those it deferred. (So too does the consideration of power limit cooperation, as we saw with the Bush Administration’s cooperation with the 9/11 Commission.)

The only limiting principle is a personal conviction to find the truth and the discipline to set politics aside. An impossibility in Washington.

Parallel Investigations

The concern is that we’ll see a parallel investigation to the “1/6 Commission” to be used by Democrats to humiliate, vilify, and otherwise attack their political. We’ve seen this roadmap before - that which that gets them from the starting point to their goal of inflicting maximum political damage - in the Trump/Russia investigation, where Democrats had their own inquiry while the Mueller Probe was ongoing and:

These three misrepresentations (certainly not an exhaustive list) all have something in common: investigative abuse to further political goals.

In the case of the calculated and inaccurate leaks of Donald Trump Jr.’s emails to CNN, the investigators abused their power to spread lies in the media to support their collusion narrative. As to Carter Page, Adam Schiff lied about secret FISA warrants and renewals to cut down concerns about FISA abuse and the inception of the Trump/Russia investigation. Schiff’s effort was successful and even fooled some gullible conservatives.

The Beginning Stages

I give those examples because the past informs us on the means and ends of the January 6 investigation.

Hysterics about Russia? We’ve seen that since 2016. And it continues. Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (Chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform), in a February 8, 2021 letter to Parler COO Jeffrey Wernick, accused the company of “facilitating Russia’s campaign to sow chaos in the American electorate.”

Threats to anonymity? Check. Congresswoman Maloney vows that investors in Parler must not “be allowed to hide behind the veil of anonymity provided by shell companies.”

For particulars on what Democrats are seeking on Parler, here’s their initial list:

By no means will this be limited to Parler. Add to the list Gab and any other conservative platform. And there’s no reason for them to stop at investors. It’d be no surprise if anonymous individuals on major social media platforms - think Facebook and Twitter - are identified and handed over to Democrats and the media.

It won’t stop there.

Next will be the investigations of conservative political groups and those who exercised their First Amendment right (whether correct or not, it’s still protected speech) to speak out about the 2020 election. There will be efforts to obtain documents concerning leadership and internal communications, as well as donor lists.

We’ve seen donors targeted before, with then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris and her demands of donor information and details on group activities from conservative political and charitable groups.

Finally, they’ll go to after the individuals and their personal communications, starting with President Trump and his staff, and going from there. Anyone who disputed the election results or questioned the fairness of the election will be fair game.

If you question the seriousness of the game they’re playing, just look at the security around the Capitol. Currently, over 5,000 National Guard troops, along with fencing and razor wire, protect against a non-existent threat. The occupation is theater to make January 6 more than what it was to justify what is to come.

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