New: Unsealed Records detail FBI/DOJ Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell cover-up

Our Summary of the Latest Unsealed Records

They always knew.

Today, the DOJ published records unsealed by court order in the Ghislaine Maxwell case. These included a motion and numerous exhibits detailing what the FBI/DOJ - and in particular, the Southern District of New York - knew about the criminal activities of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell back in 2016.

Recall that Epstein was given a sweetheart deal back in 2007. Notes from a meeting in 2016 - read the document here - reveal that a “US Attorney has said [Epstein] could be prosecuted elsewhere.” They failed to act for years, however.

2016 Notes, continued: “Photos of naked girls on Maxwell’s comp.”

Regarding the search warrant on Epstein’s Palm Beach home - someone tipped off Epstein: “Collage of photos included nude girls incl. clients. Epstein tipped off. All computers were gone.”

The victim “wants prosecution.” The DOJ/FBI didn’t do anything for years.

The notes continue: Girls “as young as 12 but younger the better.” Notes from a visit in Thailand with handwritten note “w/ name of girls - written by Maxwell.”

The notes also state that victim Virginia Roberts was “victimized summer 2000 @ age 16.” The minor was “taken to NY for training by Maxwell + Epstein - how to service men.”

2016 Email to the DOJ’s Amanda Kramer (from victim’s lawyers) regarding developments in Maxwell case and thanking Kramer for meeting with them. DOJ’s Kramer is offered more info if she needs it.

2016 email to DOJ providing contact info of an Epstein recruiter.

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