Kevin Clinesmith has received a Temporary Disciplinary Suspension from the DC Bar

No prison time but his law license is in jeopardy

We have news to report on Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI lawyer and member of Team Mueller who altered a CIA email and mislead FBI officials in seeking the last Carter Page FISA renewal.

As of February 1, 2021, the DC Bar has suspended him “on an interim basis based upon his conviction of a serious crime.”

Clinesmith’s membership status is listed as “Temporary Disciplinary Suspension” on the DC Bar’s member search. We anticipate that Clinesmith will appeal this suspension, arguing (consistent with his arguments to Judge Boasberg) that he did not “knowingly” lie about Carter Page’s status as a source to the CIA.

Unfortunately, Judge Boasberg bought this argument in the face of compelling and damning evidence to the contrary. We wouldn’t be surprised if the DC Bar let him off the hook with a suspension, as opposed to a permanent disbarment.

We’ll be following the Clinesmith disciplinary action closely and provide updates as it proceeds through the DC Bar’s administrative system.

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