The Reactionary

From Techno: An Introduction to our Future Plans

If you’re here you may have arrived through Twitter. Over the last few years we’ve had tremendous growth and success on that platform. Here are a some of the highlights:

  • Unsealed federal court records detailing allegations of serious misconduct by Special Counsel Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

  • Investigating the everything involving the Trump/Russia hoax, including the Carter Page FISA warrants, issues with the scope of the Mueller probe, and the case of General Michael Flynn.

  • Discovering the promotion of FBI agent Joe Pientka after the FBI determined he was part of the FBI’s FISA misconduct.

  • Uncovering the names of the Main DOJ (DC) officials who supervised the original Jeffrey Epstein investigation and plea deal, including the officials who allegedly stopped letters from going to Epstein’s victims.

  • Providing the unsealed documents on the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

There is a lot more to come. John Durham is Special Counsel. The Ghislaine Maxwell case is likely proceeding to trial, as records in her civil case continue to be unsealed. We anticipate that two more individuals may be charged involving the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy. There is a new administration and Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation.

It is our belief that the source documents tell the story better than anyone or anything else. Therefore, everything we have done relies on the record. This means we don’t just report on the source documents but we provide them to you, whether they are unclassified memos, trial transcripts, or court documents.

Our Substack will continue this focus and also allow us to provide greater detail and commentary with more frequency, along with special features and exclusives for subscribers. With your support we can achieve more.